Saturday, 31 December 2011

New years resoloutions .

Right its that time,When everyone thinks of those things they want to achieve in the new year..(but lets be honest most people give up by the 3rd of January)however in tradittion I have thought of a few resoloutions that I will Most probbably give up on Intend to stick to .

1. Try to be more heathy/do more exercise.
2. Get good results in school and work hard .
3. Finish writting my book plan and start writting my book .
4. Read as much as I posably can and finish reading the Harry Potter series for a third time. (this one wont be hard)
5. Get somewhere in acting/Enroll in classes.
6. Continue to post on this blog and increase followers and interest .
7. Get a love life .
8. Sort out my little OCD situation I got going on .
9. Be optimistic.
10.Be myself and live my life the way I want to .

Have a happy new year xx

Rhiannon x

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Book review - 10 things we shouldn't have done - Sarah Mlykowski

Well this book was recomended to me , so I was excited to see what the book had to offer .
I was about to live a sixteen year old's dream .
House on the beach .
No parents .
Parties whenever we wanted .
Boys whenever we wanted
I think its safe to say it is deffinitely a teen read .
Aprill's dad and step mum Penny plan to move to Cleaveland ,but Aprill is not leaving her life behind . Aprill and friend Vi tell a teeny weeny lie . To their parents and manage to concoct a plan for the two of them to get a house to themselves . They are succesful (just) but life isn't all plain sailling .
Aprill and her boyfriend Noah plan to loose their virginity but when they do , it causes more trouble then its worth .
Aprill's story will make you laugh , cry , and most certainly cringe .
The book is laugh outloud funny , but underneath all the layers of tennage hormonal humour , there is a bittersweet story of a girl who is very much lost and confused . After her parents divorced and her mum and brove move to France she is left filled with pain and anger . This at many thimes in the book is one of the solid foundations . The ghost of her past haunts her and makes her wary of other people . On top of everything the book is most certainly fun . There is also a long drawling consfusing love story that could split people in half in terms of debates . On the whole I really like the book and I would recomend it (if your looking for a nice girly read ....)

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas !

Well as the tittle suggests its Christmaaaaaaaaaaaaaas !x
Merry christmas to you all x
I hope father christmas has brought you all that you asked for , He certainly has for me .
For example I am currently writting this post on my brand spanking new laptop ! ( arrrrrrrrgh !x....Needed to get it out of my system ) I've wanted a laptop for so long ! and now I've finally got one , I am unbelievably chuffed ! This has for some psycological reason heightend my thirst and passion for writting . I am so excited for what I can do with my life . Also I have been blessed with the most amazing family , who have spoilt me rotten . I have got Cds ( currently listening to One Direction - Up all night .), considerable amounts of make up and nail vanish . Many books :-) interestinly the Twilight saga , I am apprehensive about this as I am not the most positive and enthusiastic people when it comes to Twilight . (I mean , I'm a potterhead at heart) but in strong festive spirit I am willing to give them ago . I have a few bottles of perfume (hem hem Beckham perfume , My mother doesn't do things by halves )few Dvds which include ..ofcourse..Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 . General gifts and maybe a few choccies ! xx I hope you enjoy the rest of your christmas holidays , and have a Happy New year !x

Rhiannon X

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Introducing me .xox

Hello , Blog people .
Actually I think I should give you , my viewrs , readers ? Whatever . A name or is that to cringe ? Will blog people do ? If not complain , I'm open to suggestions .
For this blog . I wan't to talk a little about me as I've seen I haven't realy introduced myself ( Which is very rude of me )
I'm 13 , in year 9 at school and live in a little town called Bridgend in South Wales .
I LOVE reading ! I can't say that enough , and from that I love writting which I feel is the only way I can get my points , oppinions , true self across .
I love singing and I'm not going to lie I don't think I'm that bad . I love tv (don't we all )ecspecially Eastenders , Only Fools And Horses ( I'm old school ) , Friends , Big Brother ( massive fan ) , Doctor Who and ...... X factor ... well I'm reconsidering that one ....
I'm your average teen , confused , frustrated , worried .... bored a lot of the time .. and trying to find which path to take in life .X.
I love quotes , I don't like being told what to do , I'm ambitous , determimed and you better not tell me what I will not be beacause I'll try my best to prove you wrong .
Most importantly I'm Unique x
Rhiannon x

Sunday, 6 November 2011

I try .

I need to open the bottle a bit ,
Everyone says
Don't care about what other people think of you
we all know .. don't we .. Its not that simple .
I try , I try so hard to forget about other peoples opinions . I try so hard no to be a sheep . I try so hard not to take on different perosna's around differnt people . I always try . Most of the time .. I fail . The truth is I don't know who I am . I have no idea ! How the hell are you supposed to try and " find yourself " ? I change all the time and that frustrates me that I don't have the confidence to stand up and say this is me . I know this is probbably a normal thing for a teenager . Though it still worries me , Will I ever find that confidence , that self belief . Or will I always feed of other peoples characters and change to fit them ?

I try , I try so hard to be unique xox Maybe thats the problem ?
Rhiannon x

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Life .

So I'm feeling very creative ....... and what do I do when I'm feeling creative ?
Write a blog post ! ( I feel it's the best way to fully express myself ......... do with that information what you will )
So what should I write about ?
Well lately I've been writting about ... well writting and reading , so I thought I'd take a break from that ...and write about ................ LIFE ! ( yes life )
What is life ? ... well defies life as ' A characteristic state or mode of living ' ...... as great and powerful as that deffinition is ... *cough cough *  I think I could defie life better .
Hem Hem
To help me with my deffinition I will be using an acrostic poem ( of sorts ) . Here goes ....................

L is for love . We are all loved in our lives . Whether its by a family member , a friend , a partner , or in some cases (cough)  ourselves . We also love back . Whichever way we have all experienced love . It can get us through tough times . It can put us through tough times . Love is tricky . Then again what is life without it ?
I is for independance . We are all independant even if some people need some help along the way .We all have to learn to think for ourselves and do for ourselves , and to stop relying on other people to get us through life . We all have to stand on our own to feet . Life is independance . Its the perfect word . There are no cheats . We have to figure life out for ourselves , we have to make the decisions . We have to take the first steps . We are giving a life and we have to live it . A life is only truly lived once independance kicks in .
F is for flight . We all grow in our lives . We continue to , never stopping to catch our breath . We all have to learn the required skills , that will enable us to survive and be successful in life . We all eventually move on  from our early life , growing our wings we take of into the unknown the excitment. We all soar , some into happiness some into disappointment and trouble , The main thing is we all dream .  .We all try to experience . We all fell freedom  . We all grow and leave our memories behind . We all fly .
E is for experience . Is there a better word ? life is an experience . Life is meant to be experienced and embraced . We weren't created to sit around and watch eastenders . We were given life to explore , evolve , revolutinlize , improve . Change the world around us . Whether its discovering a new species or improving life for your community . Travel . Live . Walk . Feel the stubbly grass between your toes . Breathe the clean fresh air , smell the perfume of exotic plants and flowers , taste the delicious cuseine of different cultures . Hear the sounds of a harpist in a peaceful village in spain . Grasp life , capture it , shove it in a jar and shape it to how you want it . Live by your rules . Find your feet . Run barefoot on the pavement of life . Get outside and experience the experienceable . You only get one expreience . You only get one life .

Better ?

Rhiannon xx

Monday, 17 October 2011

Thank you x

I want to say thank you , If you have decided to have a look at my blog , read my posts and genuinely give me the time of day .
I don't want to sound soppy at all but it honestly means a lot to me . That someone out there has taken time out of their lives to give my writting attention . Thank you x
I love writting as my earlier posts will suggest . ( every aspect journalism , poetry , fiction , non fiction ) I love it and ( here we go , you might wanna get a bucket to vomit ) I find its the best way to express myself .
Once again thank you . I love ( it's getting heavy ) every single one of you for reading my blog .
Thank you , Thank you , Thank you .
Maybe I could one day be a succesful writter .  (Fingers crossed )
Lots of Love or Lol (if your into abbreviations)

Yeah I know soppy ! x

Be Unique x
Rhiannon x

New Author Alert !

So I was scrolling down twitter ( as you do ) When one of my chosen follows retweeted a tweet by someone called Mel Taylor . This tweet grabbed my attention because it was encouraging teens to read . Which I think is a realy good , smart plan . Reading is something everyone should love . Personally I think it's better than watching tv . With television it's all there in front of you . When reading a book , your imagination is your best friend .You can loose yourself in a book . Become attatched to characters and feel their emotion . Look at what books and reading have given us . Harry Potter if that's one thing ! ( Massive fan j.k , Massive fan )
If you don't read . Give it a go . You won't regret it . ! x
Mel Taylor

So more about the new rising success story . Mel Taylor's series ' Above the clouds ' is currently in publishing process . Heres a link to a preview of the brand new angelic piece of literacy heaven ( See what I did there )
Please give it a read ! xx It's hard starting out as an author comming from ( cough , cough a published poet . OH YEAH ) and It's worth it . I'll bet you a tenner you'll be intruiged .
Also she desserves it she seemes so lovely , taking time to answer my tweets on twitter!/MelTaylorAuthor ! you can also check out her facebook page :!/MelTaylor.Author

 Give reading a go ! What's the worst that can happen ???? ( Well maybe a paper cut ) xxx
Be Unique xx
Rhiannon xxx

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Book review 1 : One Day - David Nicholls

So there are a lot of things I'm going to talk about number 1 : I've just finished reading the book one day , ( God , I cried ) The film trailer intruiged me so I thought hay I wanna read that book ! so I bought it with high excpectations . I wont lie . I was highly supprised and it was not realy what I was excpecting at all . The plot follows Emman and Dexter on the same day on every year ( 15th July ) for twenty years . We see their realationship change and eventually evolve into something more . However on many occasions I wanted to pick the book up and throw it across the room (I didn't though) with fustration . The plot is slightly crammed but that is excpected I mean twenty years has to be crammed in  but many times I was like WHAT ? HOW ? OH FOR GODS SAKE ! HURRY UP ! and there is a massive unexcpected tragic event towards the end , which for me ruins the book . All though I can understand the logic to it . If I had written the book there are a LOT of things I wouldn't have done . ( but we're all different ) It's a definite adult style , an eye opener . You become attatched to the characters and get fustrated , happy and angry with them . When they do something you dont approve of .
In a summary it's a romantic story unlike any other . Completely UNIQUE ! . Genius .  Very british . Very real .
Though it fell below my excpectations in some ways it exceeded them . I'm very confused with the book and I'm not completely sure how I feel about it . Though I recommend it to you all . It's a rollacoaster ( I can tell you that ) and you might need some tissues but overall I think I love it . ( deep down )and I'm pretty sure you will to .

Have a read !

So I haven't posted in a while ( sorry ) but I've been busy with school work ( blah blah blah blah ) and something exciting writting a book . Now I've been writting it for a while now and am currently writting chapter four . I don't want to give an outline of the plot but I will let you read the prolouge , here goes ! :
I remember that day perfectly . The sound of the birds chirping happily form their chosen perches on the lamp posts . The blazing sunlight and cloudless blue skies . It was a perfect example of a proper british summer day ( when there was one ) . It seemed normal . Perfect . Almost to perfect .
I was ignorant .
I didn't see the smokey grey mist that was hiding in amongst the goldent sun rays .
I couldn't see the shadows on the walls .
I thought stupidly of what to have for lunch , The gossip ( which my best friend Daisy was just dying to know about ) that had spread around Facebook quicker than the speed of light .
My thoughts were normal . Innocent . Shinning and pure .
Blinded by naivety . I could never have dreamed that they were soon to be drowned in helplessness darkness screaming out for a glimer of their former selves . I never excpected the overwhelming dose of grief and sorrow .
I was a thirteen year old girl . Enjoying life . Getting stressed about home work and boys .
I had nothing dark or heavy in my heart or head . I wasn't yet carrying the bag of grief , torment and hate . That I was soon to be .
I was just so happy .
Tell me what you think ! ( ??????? )  and if you have any ideas of the plot of the book !

Be Unique xxxxx Rhiannon xxxxx

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A quick fill in

So I know I havent posted for a while . This is down to my return to school . I'm a year 9 now (  which has taken time to get use to ) I'm top of the lower school now, with which comes a lot of responsabillity and examples need to be set but .... BLAH BLAH BLAH .
Also since the last time I posted my pottermore email came !!!!!!!! ( I will not go into the details of my reaction ) I was sorted in to hufflepuff house with a lot of pride and my username is fireboltseeker171 if you are interested in addding me . It truly is an amazing site ( I wont put any spoilers ) but it is a must for any Harry Potter fan . It's so interactive and interesting but my favourite part about the whole site is getting the chance to communicate with other Harry Potter fans from all around the world !!!!!!!!!!!
I'm still trying to get into the world of acting , my passion for writting is growing steadilly by the second and I have a new obssesion/crush with four boys who make thesse vlogs and sketches on youtube !!! They are so Hot !!!!!! Check them out by typing either Tumbleweedprd , Bertie Gillbert , Dom Herman-day , Harrison Webb and Roy arvatz into youtube and prepare to be amused !!!!!!!! they are also budding young actors .
My obssesion with One Direction/ Harry Styles is also growing rapidly !!!!! Check out there new single What makes you beautiful .
Keep on being Unigue xxxxxxxxxxx bye xxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 1 September 2011

So I havent posted in a while , my last post was about pottermore I understand and I still dont have my welcome email !
Anyway today I want to post about an idea I've had . I'm getting a laptop for christmas and I'm thinking of maybe filming some comedy sketches I've written , edditing them and putting them on youtube or a website . Though I'm not sure where I'll find the actors to do it though obviously i'll be in them .

This plan may need a little more consideration .

Rhiannon x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I'm a Harry Potter fan . I'm not going to lie , and when I heard of news that certain owls were gathering on a websites leading the way to a message from the queen of literature herself Joanne Rowling . I was extremely intruiged . After J.k explained she had been working on a project called Pottermore  ( an online reading experience for avid Harry fans ) I was filled with happiness at this prospect and so I regesterd as soon as I could . ( after the magical quill challenge ) I was picked as one of the one million who would gain early access into pottermore . That is great you would think . Yes ! It was great when I found out  HOWEVER I cant yet acces the site as I have not reccieved my welcome email and to be brutally honest It's doing my nut in . Every mournning I check my imbox and theres no letter from pottermore . I'm fed up of waiting . Other people who have gained acces have been posting spoilers about the site and I find it hard to resist the temptation of reading them .
Lets hope an owl will be swooping near my imbox today . !

Saturday, 20 August 2011

I'm finaly going to start acting classes and hopefully get somewhere proffessionaly ! this is so exciting for me my dreams are finaly starting to come true .! AAAAAAAARGH ! ( had to let that out )

Sunday, 14 August 2011

What annoys me ! is someone who skirts around the facts , I reccently read something ( which remains nameless ) and they made it soooo obvious they were talking about me they may just as well of plasterd my name all over the article and i've got a lot to say to that person but more to the point I'd rather it that if someone had a problem with me they just told me instead of skirting around the facts and blowing the whole thing out of context !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

A helping hand

As I have previously mentioned I am a aspiring actress . It's all I want to do !
So after hours of reaserch, it seems the best and realy only way for me to have an acting career is to enroll in drama classes . I have found one which has been recommended by a friend and my drama teacher at school . When in theese classes you will be able to regularly participate in stage productions at a local pavillion and maybe have the chance to be cast in tv shows .
It all sounds great I know .
There is just one little thing holding me back . My confidence . I dont want to embark on theese classes on my own . I'm scared I wont fit in other people have been there for a long time and friendships have been made . I'm scared there will be a hostility towards me .
If I had a friend with me . It would be differnt , I'll have someone to help me , guide me and be there for me , There is one person I would like but they seem to be avoiding the subject , So I have no choice but to give up hope .
I know if i'm serious about acting then it's a step I have to take . I will muster the courage myself at some point I know but a helping hand along the way wouldn't go a miss xxx The link to the drama class website is :.
So I have exciting news , one of my poems is going to be published in a poetry book comming out in January next year , By a LONDON publisher . This for me is soo exciting . Its a part dream come true for me . I'm to become a published author at the age of 13 . ALOT sooner than I had hoped ! This has deffinetely motivated me to carry on writting and be creative .
Heres the link to the publishers who are publishing the book , there are other poetry compettions on there to . Have a go ! :

Saturday, 6 August 2011

My music

For anyone whos interested here are a few of my favourite songs from the artists I look up to :

Florence and the Machine - Dog days are over                                 

Lady Gaga - Edge of Glory 



I dont know what you call it , but I can safely say I have a passion for fashion .
I dont perticullarly have a style icon although I do look towards people like Emma watson and Selena gomez for inspiration .
I mainly get my ideas from magazines and tv .
I try to be daring and not to be afraid of what other people think but its impossiable to do that . Everyone surely does care what other peoples opinions are even if its a tiny bit.
I like to be creative and match things that wouldn't normally go together , together . Matching bold prints with subtle tones , Skirts with jeggings and so forth I also love to make jewllery myaccsesories .
The message I want to translate to you is that everyone is going to have opinions on you everyone is going to judge you when they see you its inevitable .
Be creative with what you wear dont be afraid to mix things up and choose a style that suits your personallity theres no point spending your life pleasing other people . It's not there life your living !

Monday, 25 July 2011


I reccentely had the career talk at school . It got me worried about what the future may hold for me and I'm deffinately feeling the pressure . My dream is to be an actrees and thats what I want to do proffesinaly but the industry is so hard to get into . I dont want to seem realy full of myself but I honestly thing I've got great potential .
I have considerd other jobs as back up plans but I cant find anything else I would want to do . I'm trying to get into acting classes , there is one that is realy good . I 'm currently trying to find another budding actor to do it with me .
I'll try my hardest to become an actress though nothing in this world is gonna stop me living my dream !!! Watch out world !!


Now , A very good friend of mine inspired me to write this blog . It got me thinking about how much friends actually inspire us in our lives . Whether it's to try something new or to change your attitude and behaviour my friends do have a massive impact on my life . They've made me who I am today .  For instance the friend in question who inspired me to write this blog helps push me to try and accomplish my goals . For her I am very grateful . Then another of my friend enables me to talk confidentely about boys and i'm comfartable going to her with  any boy problems . Then my boy friends keep me grounded they  make me laugh they also disgust me but in a good way I can learn a lot from them .  Then there are my two besties One has been there for aslong as I can remember been through the ups and downs with me  and I think we've only had one argument . She's extremely supportive and full of encourgement I honestly have no idea what I would do without her . Then theres my other best friend she is such a good influence on me she's so smart and has deffientely heightend my thirst of intelligence and academically makes me work so harder . Each friend we have has a differnt quality that affects us as people . We may fight , we may loose some but real friends are always there .
To finish off  ; a quote I've read that I think somes up friendship : "Friends are like flowers they give pleasure just by being there "

Open The bottle

Open the bottle - Thats a weird name for a blog ? thats what ur thinking right ?
Well i'll explain right here why I chose this unusual title .
I'm a bigg supporter of letting ur feelings out ; not keeping things bottled up .
It's not good for your state of mind . Obviously some things need to be kept private and maybe somethings arent worth sharing .
However if your feeling upset or scared then talking to someone and getting advice  is the best way forward .
so on my blog it will be mixture of articles about news and world events in media , celebrites so forth and the thoughts and wounders of my everyday life .
So Open the bottle !!!!!!! and be happier for it xxooxx