Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A quick fill in

So I know I havent posted for a while . This is down to my return to school . I'm a year 9 now (  which has taken time to get use to ) I'm top of the lower school now, with which comes a lot of responsabillity and examples need to be set but .... BLAH BLAH BLAH .
Also since the last time I posted my pottermore email came !!!!!!!! ( I will not go into the details of my reaction ) I was sorted in to hufflepuff house with a lot of pride and my username is fireboltseeker171 if you are interested in addding me . It truly is an amazing site ( I wont put any spoilers ) but it is a must for any Harry Potter fan . It's so interactive and interesting but my favourite part about the whole site is getting the chance to communicate with other Harry Potter fans from all around the world !!!!!!!!!!!
I'm still trying to get into the world of acting , my passion for writting is growing steadilly by the second and I have a new obssesion/crush with four boys who make thesse vlogs and sketches on youtube !!! They are so Hot !!!!!! Check them out by typing either Tumbleweedprd , Bertie Gillbert , Dom Herman-day , Harrison Webb and Roy arvatz into youtube and prepare to be amused !!!!!!!! they are also budding young actors .
My obssesion with One Direction/ Harry Styles is also growing rapidly !!!!! Check out there new single What makes you beautiful .
Keep on being Unigue xxxxxxxxxxx bye xxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 1 September 2011

So I havent posted in a while , my last post was about pottermore I understand and I still dont have my welcome email !
Anyway today I want to post about an idea I've had . I'm getting a laptop for christmas and I'm thinking of maybe filming some comedy sketches I've written , edditing them and putting them on youtube or a website . Though I'm not sure where I'll find the actors to do it though obviously i'll be in them .

This plan may need a little more consideration .

Rhiannon x