Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I'm a Harry Potter fan . I'm not going to lie , and when I heard of news that certain owls were gathering on a websites leading the way to a message from the queen of literature herself Joanne Rowling . I was extremely intruiged . After J.k explained she had been working on a project called Pottermore  ( an online reading experience for avid Harry fans ) I was filled with happiness at this prospect and so I regesterd as soon as I could . ( after the magical quill challenge ) I was picked as one of the one million who would gain early access into pottermore . That is great you would think . Yes ! It was great when I found out  HOWEVER I cant yet acces the site as I have not reccieved my welcome email and to be brutally honest It's doing my nut in . Every mournning I check my imbox and theres no letter from pottermore . I'm fed up of waiting . Other people who have gained acces have been posting spoilers about the site and I find it hard to resist the temptation of reading them .
Lets hope an owl will be swooping near my imbox today . !

Saturday, 20 August 2011

I'm finaly going to start acting classes and hopefully get somewhere proffessionaly ! this is so exciting for me my dreams are finaly starting to come true .! AAAAAAAARGH ! ( had to let that out )

Sunday, 14 August 2011

What annoys me ! is someone who skirts around the facts , I reccently read something ( which remains nameless ) and they made it soooo obvious they were talking about me they may just as well of plasterd my name all over the article and i've got a lot to say to that person but more to the point I'd rather it that if someone had a problem with me they just told me instead of skirting around the facts and blowing the whole thing out of context !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 7 August 2011

A helping hand

As I have previously mentioned I am a aspiring actress . It's all I want to do !
So after hours of reaserch, it seems the best and realy only way for me to have an acting career is to enroll in drama classes . I have found one which has been recommended by a friend and my drama teacher at school . When in theese classes you will be able to regularly participate in stage productions at a local pavillion and maybe have the chance to be cast in tv shows .
It all sounds great I know .
There is just one little thing holding me back . My confidence . I dont want to embark on theese classes on my own . I'm scared I wont fit in other people have been there for a long time and friendships have been made . I'm scared there will be a hostility towards me .
If I had a friend with me . It would be differnt , I'll have someone to help me , guide me and be there for me , There is one person I would like but they seem to be avoiding the subject , So I have no choice but to give up hope .
I know if i'm serious about acting then it's a step I have to take . I will muster the courage myself at some point I know but a helping hand along the way wouldn't go a miss xxx The link to the drama class website is :. http://www.bridgend.gov.uk/web/groups/public/documents/services/014944.hcsp
So I have exciting news , one of my poems is going to be published in a poetry book comming out in January next year , By a LONDON publisher . This for me is soo exciting . Its a part dream come true for me . I'm to become a published author at the age of 13 . ALOT sooner than I had hoped ! This has deffinetely motivated me to carry on writting and be creative .
Heres the link to the publishers who are publishing the book , there are other poetry compettions on there to . Have a go ! :http://www.unitedpress.co.uk/

Saturday, 6 August 2011

My music

For anyone whos interested here are a few of my favourite songs from the artists I look up to :

Florence and the Machine - Dog days are over                                 

Lady Gaga - Edge of Glory 



I dont know what you call it , but I can safely say I have a passion for fashion .
I dont perticullarly have a style icon although I do look towards people like Emma watson and Selena gomez for inspiration .
I mainly get my ideas from magazines and tv .
I try to be daring and not to be afraid of what other people think but its impossiable to do that . Everyone surely does care what other peoples opinions are even if its a tiny bit.
I like to be creative and match things that wouldn't normally go together , together . Matching bold prints with subtle tones , Skirts with jeggings and so forth I also love to make jewllery myaccsesories .
The message I want to translate to you is that everyone is going to have opinions on you everyone is going to judge you when they see you its inevitable .
Be creative with what you wear dont be afraid to mix things up and choose a style that suits your personallity theres no point spending your life pleasing other people . It's not there life your living !