Saturday, 31 December 2011

New years resoloutions .

Right its that time,When everyone thinks of those things they want to achieve in the new year..(but lets be honest most people give up by the 3rd of January)however in tradittion I have thought of a few resoloutions that I will Most probbably give up on Intend to stick to .

1. Try to be more heathy/do more exercise.
2. Get good results in school and work hard .
3. Finish writting my book plan and start writting my book .
4. Read as much as I posably can and finish reading the Harry Potter series for a third time. (this one wont be hard)
5. Get somewhere in acting/Enroll in classes.
6. Continue to post on this blog and increase followers and interest .
7. Get a love life .
8. Sort out my little OCD situation I got going on .
9. Be optimistic.
10.Be myself and live my life the way I want to .

Have a happy new year xx

Rhiannon x

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Book review - 10 things we shouldn't have done - Sarah Mlykowski

Well this book was recomended to me , so I was excited to see what the book had to offer .
I was about to live a sixteen year old's dream .
House on the beach .
No parents .
Parties whenever we wanted .
Boys whenever we wanted
I think its safe to say it is deffinitely a teen read .
Aprill's dad and step mum Penny plan to move to Cleaveland ,but Aprill is not leaving her life behind . Aprill and friend Vi tell a teeny weeny lie . To their parents and manage to concoct a plan for the two of them to get a house to themselves . They are succesful (just) but life isn't all plain sailling .
Aprill and her boyfriend Noah plan to loose their virginity but when they do , it causes more trouble then its worth .
Aprill's story will make you laugh , cry , and most certainly cringe .
The book is laugh outloud funny , but underneath all the layers of tennage hormonal humour , there is a bittersweet story of a girl who is very much lost and confused . After her parents divorced and her mum and brove move to France she is left filled with pain and anger . This at many thimes in the book is one of the solid foundations . The ghost of her past haunts her and makes her wary of other people . On top of everything the book is most certainly fun . There is also a long drawling consfusing love story that could split people in half in terms of debates . On the whole I really like the book and I would recomend it (if your looking for a nice girly read ....)

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas !

Well as the tittle suggests its Christmaaaaaaaaaaaaaas !x
Merry christmas to you all x
I hope father christmas has brought you all that you asked for , He certainly has for me .
For example I am currently writting this post on my brand spanking new laptop ! ( arrrrrrrrgh !x....Needed to get it out of my system ) I've wanted a laptop for so long ! and now I've finally got one , I am unbelievably chuffed ! This has for some psycological reason heightend my thirst and passion for writting . I am so excited for what I can do with my life . Also I have been blessed with the most amazing family , who have spoilt me rotten . I have got Cds ( currently listening to One Direction - Up all night .), considerable amounts of make up and nail vanish . Many books :-) interestinly the Twilight saga , I am apprehensive about this as I am not the most positive and enthusiastic people when it comes to Twilight . (I mean , I'm a potterhead at heart) but in strong festive spirit I am willing to give them ago . I have a few bottles of perfume (hem hem Beckham perfume , My mother doesn't do things by halves )few Dvds which include ..ofcourse..Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 . General gifts and maybe a few choccies ! xx I hope you enjoy the rest of your christmas holidays , and have a Happy New year !x

Rhiannon X