Monday, 19 March 2012

Angels .

Hello Blog people ,
My apologies for not posting in such a long time . I have been very busy ..reading...and writting . So since I finished reading The Hunger Games ( Tis the official HG week with film out THIS FRIDAY ! ) I needed a new book to read and I found one !
With thanks to @MelTaylorAuthor !
She kindly let me read the first two books in her "Above the clouds" trillogy .
Wich incidentally was AMAZING !
It's such a beautiful story and I really hope it gets published because I know that people would love it and she could be a best selling childrens/teenage author  ! So go and check her blog out :
Go and check her Facebook page out :!/MelTaylor.Author
Go and check her Twitter page out :!/MelTaylorAuthor
.... and once you've done that your done !

Mel's story is based on angels . Personally I've become quite fascinated with angel stories . Mel's , Fallen by Lauren Kate . They are kind of taking the crown away from vampires and I think it makes a good change ! x

I might do a film review of The Hunger Games , once I've seen it so keep your eyes peeled .

- Rhiannon x

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