Saturday, 31 December 2011

New years resoloutions .

Right its that time,When everyone thinks of those things they want to achieve in the new year..(but lets be honest most people give up by the 3rd of January)however in tradittion I have thought of a few resoloutions that I will Most probbably give up on Intend to stick to .

1. Try to be more heathy/do more exercise.
2. Get good results in school and work hard .
3. Finish writting my book plan and start writting my book .
4. Read as much as I posably can and finish reading the Harry Potter series for a third time. (this one wont be hard)
5. Get somewhere in acting/Enroll in classes.
6. Continue to post on this blog and increase followers and interest .
7. Get a love life .
8. Sort out my little OCD situation I got going on .
9. Be optimistic.
10.Be myself and live my life the way I want to .

Have a happy new year xx

Rhiannon x

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