Friday, 27 January 2012

I've also updated the " songs worth a listen " widget . Check them out !

Rhiannon x


This post is going to be about music . Yes I know music is a very big wide subject  .
I'm going to write about the effect music can have and my sudden change in music taste .
Lately I've been listening to music more and more . It helps me get through tough times . When I listen to a perticular song or piece of music , I can be transported to a place inside my head that lets me forget about whatever is annoying or troubling me. I think its effected my perception of things aswell and my mood.I can fall  so deeply into music I would just like to shut the door be on my own and dance hysterically (sometimes even cry )I believe that music is such a powerful and uniting tool and one of the best possible gifts ( seriously forget about jewellery , clothes and all that crap . Get me an iTunes voucher !)
I've never really had a favourite genre of music wheather its Pop , rap , RNB,  indie , ballad , country, folk , rock, alternative ......
If I like the song thats all that matters but reccently I've tried to avoid the mainstream and chart music . I want to find artists and songs that aren't well known . I don't know why but I rather it that way . I've been scanning iTunes for cool songs and artists . I'm leanning towards alternitive music , indie , country , music that is nothing but a acoustic gutair and beautiful lyrics and vocals . Music that is dead stripped back . Plain and simple , music with power and passion as its drive . People all have different tastes . You've just got to keep searching untill you find the one that suits you best .

Rhiannon x

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


So , Its the new year , I hope everyone is having a good one . I just wanted to post a little ..... Catch up ? no .. forget that . Thats cheesy . Fill in ?......I'll leave it at fill in .
The reason I haven't posted for quite a few days is because , I'm currently choosing the subjects I want to take for GCSE . This believe me is a very stressful process . I've changed my mind quite a few times , but my current descision stands at . Welsh Baccalaureate , History , German , Drama and short course welsh ( and obviously the compulsory subjects maths , english , science ........)
Its really made me have to start thinking about my furture and what I want to do .
My passions are acting and writting and from this I would love a career in acting and writting . I know that theese are not easy professions to get into , but its not impossible . Nothing is impossible . Therefore I will work as hard as I can to get into the buissness I want everything I have to be in .
I've also started having out of school maths tutoring to make shore I have the best possible maths GCSE grade I can .
I'll also maybe be enrolling in acting classes with a friend .
You may not hear off me for a while . We'll see if the stress eases down ;-)

Think positive ,
Rhiannon x