Thursday, 5 April 2012

All said and done.

This is a poem that I wrote last year that got published in the natinol poetry anthology 2011 " Taking Flight" . I hope you like it . I may post more poetry of mine on here ...I'm not sure or general stories of mine . Anyway enjoy this , It's not exacly joyful I know , but I like it.

All said and done

There will come a time
When not even the moon will shine
And the stars will have all burnt out
The sun will blow, blinding the eye
And it will burn through to the soul
The tears shed, the money spent
Will have all gone to waste
The flowers and the plants themselves will wither in their haste
No materials left to build a home
No resources left at hand
Only the knowledge left in your mind
No more space left to expand
Minutes left to remember the times
When things were fresh and new
Only horror erupts in your mind
When you think of the times ahead that are due
Memories flash before you
There's nowhere left to run
Facing up to the facts
Is the only thing left that can be done
Senses run riot, sanity has gone
Full of helplessness and sorrow
Life as you know it, is all said and done

- Rhiannon Morris

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