Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I'm a Harry Potter fan . I'm not going to lie , and when I heard of news that certain owls were gathering on a websites leading the way to a message from the queen of literature herself Joanne Rowling . I was extremely intruiged . After J.k explained she had been working on a project called Pottermore  ( an online reading experience for avid Harry fans ) I was filled with happiness at this prospect and so I regesterd as soon as I could . ( after the magical quill challenge ) I was picked as one of the one million who would gain early access into pottermore . That is great you would think . Yes ! It was great when I found out  HOWEVER I cant yet acces the site as I have not reccieved my welcome email and to be brutally honest It's doing my nut in . Every mournning I check my imbox and theres no letter from pottermore . I'm fed up of waiting . Other people who have gained acces have been posting spoilers about the site and I find it hard to resist the temptation of reading them .
Lets hope an owl will be swooping near my imbox today . !

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