Monday, 17 October 2011

New Author Alert !

So I was scrolling down twitter ( as you do ) When one of my chosen follows retweeted a tweet by someone called Mel Taylor . This tweet grabbed my attention because it was encouraging teens to read . Which I think is a realy good , smart plan . Reading is something everyone should love . Personally I think it's better than watching tv . With television it's all there in front of you . When reading a book , your imagination is your best friend .You can loose yourself in a book . Become attatched to characters and feel their emotion . Look at what books and reading have given us . Harry Potter if that's one thing ! ( Massive fan j.k , Massive fan )
If you don't read . Give it a go . You won't regret it . ! x
Mel Taylor

So more about the new rising success story . Mel Taylor's series ' Above the clouds ' is currently in publishing process . Heres a link to a preview of the brand new angelic piece of literacy heaven ( See what I did there )
Please give it a read ! xx It's hard starting out as an author comming from ( cough , cough a published poet . OH YEAH ) and It's worth it . I'll bet you a tenner you'll be intruiged .
Also she desserves it she seemes so lovely , taking time to answer my tweets on twitter!/MelTaylorAuthor ! you can also check out her facebook page :!/MelTaylor.Author

 Give reading a go ! What's the worst that can happen ???? ( Well maybe a paper cut ) xxx
Be Unique xx
Rhiannon xxx

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  1. Wow Rhiannon!!! Thank you so much! It's so fantastic to see teens enthusiastic about reading and you're SO right... reading is just as intriguing/intense/fun as watching a film or listening to music. The majority of good films and TV series start out as novels (Twilight, I Am Number 4, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars...)

    I LOVE your little tag line... What's the worst that can happen? (Well, maybe a paper cut!) haha hilarious.

    Thank you so much for sharing my info. You are a lovely teen and I hope your post encourages more to find the fun in reading too! xxxx