Thursday, 20 October 2011

Life .

So I'm feeling very creative ....... and what do I do when I'm feeling creative ?
Write a blog post ! ( I feel it's the best way to fully express myself ......... do with that information what you will )
So what should I write about ?
Well lately I've been writting about ... well writting and reading , so I thought I'd take a break from that ...and write about ................ LIFE ! ( yes life )
What is life ? ... well defies life as ' A characteristic state or mode of living ' ...... as great and powerful as that deffinition is ... *cough cough *  I think I could defie life better .
Hem Hem
To help me with my deffinition I will be using an acrostic poem ( of sorts ) . Here goes ....................

L is for love . We are all loved in our lives . Whether its by a family member , a friend , a partner , or in some cases (cough)  ourselves . We also love back . Whichever way we have all experienced love . It can get us through tough times . It can put us through tough times . Love is tricky . Then again what is life without it ?
I is for independance . We are all independant even if some people need some help along the way .We all have to learn to think for ourselves and do for ourselves , and to stop relying on other people to get us through life . We all have to stand on our own to feet . Life is independance . Its the perfect word . There are no cheats . We have to figure life out for ourselves , we have to make the decisions . We have to take the first steps . We are giving a life and we have to live it . A life is only truly lived once independance kicks in .
F is for flight . We all grow in our lives . We continue to , never stopping to catch our breath . We all have to learn the required skills , that will enable us to survive and be successful in life . We all eventually move on  from our early life , growing our wings we take of into the unknown the excitment. We all soar , some into happiness some into disappointment and trouble , The main thing is we all dream .  .We all try to experience . We all fell freedom  . We all grow and leave our memories behind . We all fly .
E is for experience . Is there a better word ? life is an experience . Life is meant to be experienced and embraced . We weren't created to sit around and watch eastenders . We were given life to explore , evolve , revolutinlize , improve . Change the world around us . Whether its discovering a new species or improving life for your community . Travel . Live . Walk . Feel the stubbly grass between your toes . Breathe the clean fresh air , smell the perfume of exotic plants and flowers , taste the delicious cuseine of different cultures . Hear the sounds of a harpist in a peaceful village in spain . Grasp life , capture it , shove it in a jar and shape it to how you want it . Live by your rules . Find your feet . Run barefoot on the pavement of life . Get outside and experience the experienceable . You only get one expreience . You only get one life .

Better ?

Rhiannon xx

Monday, 17 October 2011

Thank you x

I want to say thank you , If you have decided to have a look at my blog , read my posts and genuinely give me the time of day .
I don't want to sound soppy at all but it honestly means a lot to me . That someone out there has taken time out of their lives to give my writting attention . Thank you x
I love writting as my earlier posts will suggest . ( every aspect journalism , poetry , fiction , non fiction ) I love it and ( here we go , you might wanna get a bucket to vomit ) I find its the best way to express myself .
Once again thank you . I love ( it's getting heavy ) every single one of you for reading my blog .
Thank you , Thank you , Thank you .
Maybe I could one day be a succesful writter .  (Fingers crossed )
Lots of Love or Lol (if your into abbreviations)

Yeah I know soppy ! x

Be Unique x
Rhiannon x

New Author Alert !

So I was scrolling down twitter ( as you do ) When one of my chosen follows retweeted a tweet by someone called Mel Taylor . This tweet grabbed my attention because it was encouraging teens to read . Which I think is a realy good , smart plan . Reading is something everyone should love . Personally I think it's better than watching tv . With television it's all there in front of you . When reading a book , your imagination is your best friend .You can loose yourself in a book . Become attatched to characters and feel their emotion . Look at what books and reading have given us . Harry Potter if that's one thing ! ( Massive fan j.k , Massive fan )
If you don't read . Give it a go . You won't regret it . ! x
Mel Taylor

So more about the new rising success story . Mel Taylor's series ' Above the clouds ' is currently in publishing process . Heres a link to a preview of the brand new angelic piece of literacy heaven ( See what I did there )
Please give it a read ! xx It's hard starting out as an author comming from ( cough , cough a published poet . OH YEAH ) and It's worth it . I'll bet you a tenner you'll be intruiged .
Also she desserves it she seemes so lovely , taking time to answer my tweets on twitter!/MelTaylorAuthor ! you can also check out her facebook page :!/MelTaylor.Author

 Give reading a go ! What's the worst that can happen ???? ( Well maybe a paper cut ) xxx
Be Unique xx
Rhiannon xxx

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Book review 1 : One Day - David Nicholls

So there are a lot of things I'm going to talk about number 1 : I've just finished reading the book one day , ( God , I cried ) The film trailer intruiged me so I thought hay I wanna read that book ! so I bought it with high excpectations . I wont lie . I was highly supprised and it was not realy what I was excpecting at all . The plot follows Emman and Dexter on the same day on every year ( 15th July ) for twenty years . We see their realationship change and eventually evolve into something more . However on many occasions I wanted to pick the book up and throw it across the room (I didn't though) with fustration . The plot is slightly crammed but that is excpected I mean twenty years has to be crammed in  but many times I was like WHAT ? HOW ? OH FOR GODS SAKE ! HURRY UP ! and there is a massive unexcpected tragic event towards the end , which for me ruins the book . All though I can understand the logic to it . If I had written the book there are a LOT of things I wouldn't have done . ( but we're all different ) It's a definite adult style , an eye opener . You become attatched to the characters and get fustrated , happy and angry with them . When they do something you dont approve of .
In a summary it's a romantic story unlike any other . Completely UNIQUE ! . Genius .  Very british . Very real .
Though it fell below my excpectations in some ways it exceeded them . I'm very confused with the book and I'm not completely sure how I feel about it . Though I recommend it to you all . It's a rollacoaster ( I can tell you that ) and you might need some tissues but overall I think I love it . ( deep down )and I'm pretty sure you will to .

Have a read !

So I haven't posted in a while ( sorry ) but I've been busy with school work ( blah blah blah blah ) and something exciting writting a book . Now I've been writting it for a while now and am currently writting chapter four . I don't want to give an outline of the plot but I will let you read the prolouge , here goes ! :
I remember that day perfectly . The sound of the birds chirping happily form their chosen perches on the lamp posts . The blazing sunlight and cloudless blue skies . It was a perfect example of a proper british summer day ( when there was one ) . It seemed normal . Perfect . Almost to perfect .
I was ignorant .
I didn't see the smokey grey mist that was hiding in amongst the goldent sun rays .
I couldn't see the shadows on the walls .
I thought stupidly of what to have for lunch , The gossip ( which my best friend Daisy was just dying to know about ) that had spread around Facebook quicker than the speed of light .
My thoughts were normal . Innocent . Shinning and pure .
Blinded by naivety . I could never have dreamed that they were soon to be drowned in helplessness darkness screaming out for a glimer of their former selves . I never excpected the overwhelming dose of grief and sorrow .
I was a thirteen year old girl . Enjoying life . Getting stressed about home work and boys .
I had nothing dark or heavy in my heart or head . I wasn't yet carrying the bag of grief , torment and hate . That I was soon to be .
I was just so happy .
Tell me what you think ! ( ??????? )  and if you have any ideas of the plot of the book !

Be Unique xxxxx Rhiannon xxxxx