Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Hunger Games : Movie Review .

I know many words , but none have enough amount of awesomeness in them to describe The Hunger Games movie .
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH !! It was just brilliant . Completely beautiful .
There were so many things I loved about it .

Whenever you adapt a book to a film there is always the question of : Will that scene be in the film ? Will they cut out that ? I hope they put that in ....
The fact is you cannot put everything in a book into a film . It's Impossible ..well,unless you want a very long film .
So inevitably things are going to be cut out . All you can wish for is that they do not leave to much out or change to many things .
The Hunger Games included pretty much everything !!!! Obviously there were things they cut out or cut down but to be honest all the important things were included . Which is just amazing .
The whole tone and atmosphere of the film was incredible . I was literally screaming ( on the inside ) and shaking , and jumping out of my seat to get closer to the screen . I'll admit . I had tears in my eyes from pretty much the get go . Why ? because of the pure brilliance of the film . ( I salute you Gary Ross )
The fact that the books are written in first person means that we don't read about the reaction of the districts . Or the Capitol when the games were being aired. We don't see Seneca Crane and the game keepers creating what we know as the 74th Hunger Games ! We don't see President Snow's manipulation of the games , his fear of the rebellion . We saw all this in the film !! and I loved it ! Seneca Crane's execution . Death by berries . Ceaser Flickerman and Claudius Templesmiths comentary .  Every extra detail was simply mind blowingly awesome .
The interviews were just wounderful . Ceaser Flickerman was a personal highlight . It was as if it was real and a genuine tv show . It was like I was in the film . Sitting in the audience .
I also loved the fact they explained the more detailed complicated things for the people who haven't read the books . It was cleverly done .

The acting . Oh ! the beautiful , tear jerking , smile creating acting . Josh Hutcherson was the perfect Peeta . So true to the character it was as if he had stepped out of the book . Jennifer Lawrence was just brilliant . There could not be a better Katniss .
Elizabeth Banks was ther perfect Effie . I loved her . " Thats Mahogony! " (one of my favourite quotes from the film )
Woody Harrelson played Haymitch well ( my favourite character ) however ( and this is one of my very few criticisms ) in the books Haymitch is a very cold , sarcastic , harsh person . Someone who has given up . His realationship with Katniss is strained , sharp , patronizing . Yes , I think he does care and love her but he does not show it and he is very critical and harsh towards her . They chose too show his softer side in the film which although I loved that side to Haymitch and his realationship with Katniss . I don't think its entirely true to the first book . ( but I still loved the potrayal )

The careers were flipping amazing ! Cato , Clove , Glimmer , Marvel . They were incredible and quite worringly made me smile a lot with how much the actors inhabited the characters and the way they were so brutal and bloodthirsty in the games . Which of course is their defining traits in the book . Honestly I mean , they were seriously one of my favourite things about the whole film .
Cato's neck snapping skills . That moment was just like " Oooooh " . Brutal .

All the deaths . The deaths were actually I think some of the best parts . The first scene at the cornucopia had me glued to my seat with my mouth wide open . The music ! Oh the brilliant soundtrack ! went so perfect with the pace and tone of the film . When at the cornucopia and we just saw fast shots of the brutal murders . The music was just right . It wasn't over done . It wasn't too gory . It was tasteful enough to represent the loss of young lives in a cruel unfair senario . It was screaming " This is wrong " . 
Which leads on to Catching fire .

Peeta and Katniss ! The boy with the bread and the girl on fire . The hand holding . The cave scenes .The kiss . The braid touching . The smilling . All too much ! Gale's jelousy ! They put on some seriously beautiful performances . Again Josh Hutcherson . Brilliant , brilliant potrayl of Peeta .

The fear . Turmoil . Sorrow . Bravery . In justice . Disgust . All of these emotions were sewn in to create a captivating beautiful film . Which does the book huge amounts of justice .

I'm still screaming in the inside of how perfect the film was . If there was one word I would use to describe the film it would be perfect . Everything . EVERYTHING . Was perfect . The cast and crew did an amazing job . They have done the book , characters , author and fans proud !!

I'm seeing it again .
I'm counting down to Catching Fire's release .
I'm still screaming .

Go and watch the film even if you haven't read the books . You.Will.Love.It..... Then go and read the books .

May the odds be ever in your favour .
Rhiannon x


  1. Best book trilogy ever! (But on a totally different scale to HP!) and you know I'm not one for adventure novels MS. Morris but I this book trilogy has me hooked!! Can't wait to see the film! Especially after your review! You have such a away with words xxxx

  2. Thank you for that really kind comment Rachel!It means a lot ecspecially from you x