Sunday, 12 February 2012

Well its half term and I thought I'd do a post as I haven't done one in a while .
As it goes I haven't got anything of major interest to say , so I have no idea where this blog post is going to go . Bare with me .
Maybe I should enlighten you on a challenge I have set myself . Well actually " challenge " might not be the right word more a wish , hope .
As you may have worked out from earlier posts I am a big reader . I love reading and feel the most content when holding a book in my hands and as I stated in my new year resoloutions . I want to read as much as I can ( and finish the Harry Potter series for a 3rd time  , I'm currently on book 5 ) and so behold my list of books me and my friend ( though her list differs ) have set ourselves to read this year .

1 . Finish Hp series ( this includes finishing order of phoenix , half blood prince and deathly hallows )
2. Twilight series, I will put my predjudice , I want to know what all this horrific fan girrling fuss is about .
3. Shiver series by Maggie Stiefvater , as they sound very interesting and have been recommended to me
4. Out of sight out of time , the next book in the Gallagher Girls series ( I love these books )
5. Rapture last book in the Fallen series ( I'm in love with these books )
5. Underworld second book in the Abandon series .
Along with some other books , I'm going to try my best to finish reading this list . I'm 100% sure I'll do it but as I am sure you are wounderful people you can wish me luck anyway .

Rhiannon x

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