Monday, 25 July 2011


Now , A very good friend of mine inspired me to write this blog . It got me thinking about how much friends actually inspire us in our lives . Whether it's to try something new or to change your attitude and behaviour my friends do have a massive impact on my life . They've made me who I am today .  For instance the friend in question who inspired me to write this blog helps push me to try and accomplish my goals . For her I am very grateful . Then another of my friend enables me to talk confidentely about boys and i'm comfartable going to her with  any boy problems . Then my boy friends keep me grounded they  make me laugh they also disgust me but in a good way I can learn a lot from them .  Then there are my two besties One has been there for aslong as I can remember been through the ups and downs with me  and I think we've only had one argument . She's extremely supportive and full of encourgement I honestly have no idea what I would do without her . Then theres my other best friend she is such a good influence on me she's so smart and has deffientely heightend my thirst of intelligence and academically makes me work so harder . Each friend we have has a differnt quality that affects us as people . We may fight , we may loose some but real friends are always there .
To finish off  ; a quote I've read that I think somes up friendship : "Friends are like flowers they give pleasure just by being there "

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