Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A necklace that was made for me by someone extremely talented @ahoythereelis <- I f you have twitter then you know what you have to do .
The symbol is of the Deathly Hallows .From the Harry Potter series .
The Triangle repesents the cloak of invisibility , the circle the ressurection stone , the line the elder wand ,
In total they make the master of death .
Besides that it is a pretty cool symbol .
The top picture is the back of the symbol with the inscribed words (Though can not be seen clearly in the picture)  " All was well " The last words written in the \Harry Potter series .
I thought I would share this with you blog people becaiuse I am a Potter Head .
I am extremely grateful for this .
I wanted an exscuse to write about Harry Potter and Jo Rowlings genuis .
I want to thank @ahoythereelis
And I wanted to show my new necklace off that I will wear as promised to @ahoythereelis with pride .

Rhiannon x

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