Monday, 5 March 2012

The Hunger Games .

Ok , so you may have seen the posters . Seen the trailer . The Hunger Games movie is out March 23rd .Its exciting times for The Hunger Games fandom , I've finished the hunger games trillogy today and I am now officially excited for the films release .
I just want to do a quick review of the trillogy because I think the books desserve it .
Right , the idea of the hunger games is genius , amazing , barbaric , tragic , basically a whole mix of emotions .
The story of Katniss Everdeen is captivating .
Kill or be killed . Basically the fundamental rule of The Hunger Games . Unless you prepared to end your "enemies " life . You may aswell take your own . It may be kinder .
Its such a page turner one minute I'm filled with anticipataion . The next I've got tears stinging my eyes and quite frankly I think its impossible not to finish the last book in the series without dying a little inside . The books start  ( this is my metaphorical take ) like a blazing full force battle field . Full of burning fires and strong bodies with sane minds . Slightly tarnished but more or less innocent .The books end with a near desserted battleground . Flickering fires . Broken bodies and souls . Sorrow , tragedy and a sense of hopelessness .
The story really shows the mental damage that can be done to a person especially when loosing someone you love .  or loving someone you know you may loose .
Bravery is defined in a new way . Ruthlessness is shown in strong important characters .
Action on almost every page . A love story of sorts that will divide people . A story about strength , and power and the extremes people will go to to obtain or hold onto it .
I've been living in the world of Panem and district 12 for the last couple of weeks .
The books are brilliant and powerful and should be read .
Now , There is nothing left to do play the waiting game and count down the days till March 23rd .
But there are much worse games to play .

Rhiannon x

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