Friday, 11 May 2012

Books. Books. And...more books.


It's been quite a while since I've posted but my life has been extremely busy lately. When I mean busy I mean,I have had  no time to write, read, listen to music, watch old episodes of Would I Lie To You or do literally anything that I've wanted to do but revise for my exams. Those exams have now passed (and have drained me of all the energy in my body) and now my life shall return to it's blissful normality. Reading, writting, listening to music and watching old episodes of Would I Lie To You on repeat.

As I posted previosly in the year I had a big list of books to read this year. Just as an update on that... 
I finished reading the Harry Potter series for a third time, I read the Twilight series (I will probably do a review on those...), I read the Shiver series ( I really should do a review on those. I loved them), I read Out Of Sight Out Of Time by Ally Carter. (That book was beautifully amazing and so is the series. I really need to dedicate a post to that series), I'm still waiting for Rapture by Lauren Kate to be released. (I cannot wait!), I'm still waiting for Underworld by Meg Cabot to be released, and I have read many other books that weren't on the list. Because my resistence in a book shop is very very low.
I mean many books. My life has basically (of reccent months) consisted of me reading about, thinking about, and dreaming about fictional characters. I am aware of how incredibly sad that sounds.

I finished Angel's Fury by Bryony Pearce yesterday, and have started Kissed by an Angel by Elizabeth Chandler today. I think, I have mentioned my love of angel stories (On that subject, I reviewed Mel Taylor's books Above The Clouds and Under The Stars. Here's the link:

So, yeah. That's a little insight to why I have had no time to write a blog post. Also a little insight into how far from reality I actually am.
Hopefully this is a little heads up for you. Expect a lot of book reviews. (If I can drag myself away from the actual books for so long).

And...It's my birthday next week. Thursday. 17th of May. Roughly around 11'o' clock is the pinical point of my ageing.

That is all.

Rhiannon x

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