Sunday, 7 August 2011

A helping hand

As I have previously mentioned I am a aspiring actress . It's all I want to do !
So after hours of reaserch, it seems the best and realy only way for me to have an acting career is to enroll in drama classes . I have found one which has been recommended by a friend and my drama teacher at school . When in theese classes you will be able to regularly participate in stage productions at a local pavillion and maybe have the chance to be cast in tv shows .
It all sounds great I know .
There is just one little thing holding me back . My confidence . I dont want to embark on theese classes on my own . I'm scared I wont fit in other people have been there for a long time and friendships have been made . I'm scared there will be a hostility towards me .
If I had a friend with me . It would be differnt , I'll have someone to help me , guide me and be there for me , There is one person I would like but they seem to be avoiding the subject , So I have no choice but to give up hope .
I know if i'm serious about acting then it's a step I have to take . I will muster the courage myself at some point I know but a helping hand along the way wouldn't go a miss xxx The link to the drama class website is :.

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