Saturday, 6 August 2011


I dont know what you call it , but I can safely say I have a passion for fashion .
I dont perticullarly have a style icon although I do look towards people like Emma watson and Selena gomez for inspiration .
I mainly get my ideas from magazines and tv .
I try to be daring and not to be afraid of what other people think but its impossiable to do that . Everyone surely does care what other peoples opinions are even if its a tiny bit.
I like to be creative and match things that wouldn't normally go together , together . Matching bold prints with subtle tones , Skirts with jeggings and so forth I also love to make jewllery myaccsesories .
The message I want to translate to you is that everyone is going to have opinions on you everyone is going to judge you when they see you its inevitable .
Be creative with what you wear dont be afraid to mix things up and choose a style that suits your personallity theres no point spending your life pleasing other people . It's not there life your living !

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  1. brilliant your writing style is fresh and crisp you get straight to the point! love you for ever!!!!!!!!
    blog tip: check spelling before you post makes it more efficent and posh xxx