Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas !

Well as the tittle suggests its Christmaaaaaaaaaaaaaas !x
Merry christmas to you all x
I hope father christmas has brought you all that you asked for , He certainly has for me .
For example I am currently writting this post on my brand spanking new laptop ! ( arrrrrrrrgh !x....Needed to get it out of my system ) I've wanted a laptop for so long ! and now I've finally got one , I am unbelievably chuffed ! This has for some psycological reason heightend my thirst and passion for writting . I am so excited for what I can do with my life . Also I have been blessed with the most amazing family , who have spoilt me rotten . I have got Cds ( currently listening to One Direction - Up all night .), considerable amounts of make up and nail vanish . Many books :-) interestinly the Twilight saga , I am apprehensive about this as I am not the most positive and enthusiastic people when it comes to Twilight . (I mean , I'm a potterhead at heart) but in strong festive spirit I am willing to give them ago . I have a few bottles of perfume (hem hem Beckham perfume , My mother doesn't do things by halves )few Dvds which include ..ofcourse..Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 . General gifts and maybe a few choccies ! xx I hope you enjoy the rest of your christmas holidays , and have a Happy New year !x

Rhiannon X

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