Thursday, 29 December 2011

Book review - 10 things we shouldn't have done - Sarah Mlykowski

Well this book was recomended to me , so I was excited to see what the book had to offer .
I was about to live a sixteen year old's dream .
House on the beach .
No parents .
Parties whenever we wanted .
Boys whenever we wanted
I think its safe to say it is deffinitely a teen read .
Aprill's dad and step mum Penny plan to move to Cleaveland ,but Aprill is not leaving her life behind . Aprill and friend Vi tell a teeny weeny lie . To their parents and manage to concoct a plan for the two of them to get a house to themselves . They are succesful (just) but life isn't all plain sailling .
Aprill and her boyfriend Noah plan to loose their virginity but when they do , it causes more trouble then its worth .
Aprill's story will make you laugh , cry , and most certainly cringe .
The book is laugh outloud funny , but underneath all the layers of tennage hormonal humour , there is a bittersweet story of a girl who is very much lost and confused . After her parents divorced and her mum and brove move to France she is left filled with pain and anger . This at many thimes in the book is one of the solid foundations . The ghost of her past haunts her and makes her wary of other people . On top of everything the book is most certainly fun . There is also a long drawling consfusing love story that could split people in half in terms of debates . On the whole I really like the book and I would recomend it (if your looking for a nice girly read ....)

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