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Twilight. (spoilers)

Hello blog people,

I'm going to delve straight into my overdue Twilight series review.

Twilight. What's the first thing that comes to your mind?

Ugh! Oh, my god Twilight is so stupid! I hate Twilight! Oh my gosh Twilight is a stupid story that doesn't teach you anything but how important it is too have a vampire boyfriend!

Or maybe, you're a Twilight fan and have nothing but good thoughts for the series. Good for you.

I'm going to admit that before I read the series I was one of those people who wrongly bashed Twilight. I shouldn't have been so quick to judge the books on what people had told me, or what I'd seen on the internet.
I decided to read the books somewhat reluctantly at first, (A suprise christmas present from my mother) but as time wore on, my interest in Stephenie meyer's world began to grow and I became excited to read them.

Here is what I thought:
The first thing that hit me was Stephenie meyer's writting style. I know she's been criticized for it, and some people have even said she isn't a good writter at all. Which I don't understand! I love the way she writes! She writes so maturely. I felt so honoured to read the books. I loved her use of language, the words she used. They rolled around in my head and painted the perfect picture. She describes things in a real visual way which I love! while at the same time still describing things so beautifully.
Her characters seem so real, and gosh! her characters are great!
Say what you like about Bella Swan; Say she's stupid and to dependant on her boyfriend. (neither statements are true) but she is a great charcter.
Does she make bad descisions? Yes. (Let's be honest, who didn't read New moon with a burning frustration and indignation)
Should she prehaps not, of helped repair motorcycles, drive them around, and cliff dive just to here the love of her lifes vocie? I think that would have saved a lot of heartache.
Was she still incredibly smart, brave, strong willed, and caring? Yes.
She isn't weak. She isn't stupid. She does what she wants, what's wrong with that? Thats a really good quality to have!
So yeah, I loved all the characters. I loved the cullens! Their personalities are so interesting! Each one is so different with such a unique back story and yet they all work so well as a family, and they have such a great bond. I love Edward.( I'm team Edward) I love his traditional ways, and his love for Bella is so deep and beautiful!
People need to get over the fact, that vampires sparkle. Deal with it. What's so funny about it?

The plot had me gripped. Although, I did get a bit bored during New Moon. For me, that book was kind of more "Waiting for the Cullens to come back". It was still great but lacked excitement and action.
The first book was sweet but at the same time dark.
 Eclipse was I think my favourite, once again written so well, an exciting battle between the Cullens and the new born army created by Riley and Victoria. The face off between Victoria,  Edward and Bella was what I'd been waiting for in New Moon, and it was so good! So juicy! I also loved that we heard more of the other Cullens stories; like Rosalie's and ecspecially Jasper. I think Jasper is my favourite character. I love Jasper and Alice! I want to read their love story! The whole Edward, Bella and Jacob love triangle thing was actually ok. I am someone who HATES love triangles ! I really despise them. They can ruin a story for me, their unnecessary. But in Twilight, it didn't feel unnecessary. I actually enjoyed the tension it caused. It's also one of the two love triangle that hasn't made me want to punch the book, fictional characters involved, and the author. (this says alot, I;ve read a lot of books, and ALOT of the books I've read have had love triangles in them).
Anyway, Breaking dawn's plot gave us the two events I'd been waiting for since the first book. The wedding, and Bella's transformation into a vampire. I loved the wedding! I thought it was wonderful and I found Bella's nerves really charming. The honeymoon was written well, and it was...fitting. The intimacy between Bella and Edward wasn't described in great detail, which is a smart move in young adult fiction. It was tastefully suggested, and slipped in.
The whole pregnancy thing, is where I have a few issues.
Number 1- How the heck? I didn't thing Edward could make a baby? Technically, isn't he dead? Too some degree?
Number 2- I found it an unnecessary for there to be a baby. I found it just screwing everything up and complicating things. At first that is. After later reflection, I see that it's actually nice that they got to have a child, and Renesmee grew on me.
It's also nice that Jacob found a content happiness by imprinting on Renesmee. I liked all the secondary characters who helped witness for the Cullens against the Volturi. I like the Denalli's (We finally got to meet them!)

I loved Charlie too, I feel like Charlie needs some love!
I love the atmosphere of the Twilight books aswell, the dark, earthy, romantic feel. It was such a privelege to read them.
The conclusion to the saga was perfect and well deserved. It was a beautiful ending to a beautiful series.
The books are brilliant. Stephenie Meyer is brilliant. Vampires are awesome. (Well, the good ones and by that, I mean vegetarians)
I really enjoyed the books and would recommend them. I don't think they're that mushy either. And as far as the message they send out to people goes: It's not "how important it is to have a boyfriend" Only an idiot would think that. One who couldn't of really read and understood the books. I think personally it's about how powerful love can be, even under complicated circumstances, you would give up or change or do whatever the person you love wants. Unconditional irrevocable love.
Oh, and for the love of god! Stop comparing the Twilight series to Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. They. Are. In. No. Way. The. Same.
They are different generes.
Harry Potter =  Fantasy
The Hunger Games = Dystopia
Twilight = Romance
So sure, if you take away the romance from The Hunger Games you get a girl fighting for her life because of the sacrifice she made for her sister, and if you take away the romance from Twilight you get a pretty crap story; but Twilight is a ROMANCE novel! what do you expect?
Stop comparing them to other well loved popular book series's and degrading them. They are all brilliant! and such a great reading experience, one I will never forget.

- Rhiannon x

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