Sunday, 16 October 2011

Book review 1 : One Day - David Nicholls

So there are a lot of things I'm going to talk about number 1 : I've just finished reading the book one day , ( God , I cried ) The film trailer intruiged me so I thought hay I wanna read that book ! so I bought it with high excpectations . I wont lie . I was highly supprised and it was not realy what I was excpecting at all . The plot follows Emman and Dexter on the same day on every year ( 15th July ) for twenty years . We see their realationship change and eventually evolve into something more . However on many occasions I wanted to pick the book up and throw it across the room (I didn't though) with fustration . The plot is slightly crammed but that is excpected I mean twenty years has to be crammed in  but many times I was like WHAT ? HOW ? OH FOR GODS SAKE ! HURRY UP ! and there is a massive unexcpected tragic event towards the end , which for me ruins the book . All though I can understand the logic to it . If I had written the book there are a LOT of things I wouldn't have done . ( but we're all different ) It's a definite adult style , an eye opener . You become attatched to the characters and get fustrated , happy and angry with them . When they do something you dont approve of .
In a summary it's a romantic story unlike any other . Completely UNIQUE ! . Genius .  Very british . Very real .
Though it fell below my excpectations in some ways it exceeded them . I'm very confused with the book and I'm not completely sure how I feel about it . Though I recommend it to you all . It's a rollacoaster ( I can tell you that ) and you might need some tissues but overall I think I love it . ( deep down )and I'm pretty sure you will to .

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