Monday, 17 October 2011

Thank you x

I want to say thank you , If you have decided to have a look at my blog , read my posts and genuinely give me the time of day .
I don't want to sound soppy at all but it honestly means a lot to me . That someone out there has taken time out of their lives to give my writting attention . Thank you x
I love writting as my earlier posts will suggest . ( every aspect journalism , poetry , fiction , non fiction ) I love it and ( here we go , you might wanna get a bucket to vomit ) I find its the best way to express myself .
Once again thank you . I love ( it's getting heavy ) every single one of you for reading my blog .
Thank you , Thank you , Thank you .
Maybe I could one day be a succesful writter .  (Fingers crossed )
Lots of Love or Lol (if your into abbreviations)

Yeah I know soppy ! x

Be Unique x
Rhiannon x

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