Sunday, 16 October 2011

Have a read !

So I haven't posted in a while ( sorry ) but I've been busy with school work ( blah blah blah blah ) and something exciting writting a book . Now I've been writting it for a while now and am currently writting chapter four . I don't want to give an outline of the plot but I will let you read the prolouge , here goes ! :
I remember that day perfectly . The sound of the birds chirping happily form their chosen perches on the lamp posts . The blazing sunlight and cloudless blue skies . It was a perfect example of a proper british summer day ( when there was one ) . It seemed normal . Perfect . Almost to perfect .
I was ignorant .
I didn't see the smokey grey mist that was hiding in amongst the goldent sun rays .
I couldn't see the shadows on the walls .
I thought stupidly of what to have for lunch , The gossip ( which my best friend Daisy was just dying to know about ) that had spread around Facebook quicker than the speed of light .
My thoughts were normal . Innocent . Shinning and pure .
Blinded by naivety . I could never have dreamed that they were soon to be drowned in helplessness darkness screaming out for a glimer of their former selves . I never excpected the overwhelming dose of grief and sorrow .
I was a thirteen year old girl . Enjoying life . Getting stressed about home work and boys .
I had nothing dark or heavy in my heart or head . I wasn't yet carrying the bag of grief , torment and hate . That I was soon to be .
I was just so happy .
Tell me what you think ! ( ??????? )  and if you have any ideas of the plot of the book !

Be Unique xxxxx Rhiannon xxxxx

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